Citizens' Information

Dear fellow citizens,

Currently there are 60 aslyum seekers living in Huenfelden. Due to the political situation, we are expecting additional refugees in our commune in the next few months.

We need the support and the acceptance of many citizens so that living together will succeed. The commune of Huenfelden and the work group for integration want to contribute so that we can perform this task successfully.

The peaceful co-existence with the people that are looking for a new home here will be and stay a lasting and growing challenge for our commune, our country and Europe as a whole.

Hence I thank everyone that contributes to the well-being of the refugees and asylum seekers. 

I am very optimistic that we together, now and in the future, can create a good and functioning community in Huenfelden.


Your mayoress,

Silvia Scheu-Menzer

Ihre Ansprechpartner/in

bei der Gemeinde Hünfelden:

Silvia Scheu-Menzer