WLAN / Wifi available

From now on internet access is available via Wifi/WLAN in the hostel in Kirberg!

Authentification for WLAN

1. After connecting to the Wi-Fi, open a browser.
Then you will be redirected to a portal;

2. Here, you can choose to authenticate via Facebook or email;

3. If you want to authenticate via Facebook, click the Facebook button;

4. Log in with your Facebook account;

5. If you want to authenticate via email, click the button „Receive your credentials by EMail“;

6. Enter the required data. Marked fields are obligatory;

7. When you have entered the data, click on Register;

8. Now you get a temporary Internet access to check your e-mails;

9. In a few minutes, you will receive a email with your access data;

10. Enter this data in the portal.