Free time, cultural activities and sports

The community of Hünfelden is home to many active clubs which offer cultural and leisure activities.

As there are a wide range of sport activities offered in Hünfelden, information will be given according to interest. Cultural associations, music groups or choirs provide the chance to be active in many fields of culture and art. Model aeroplane pilots or hobby craftsmen are in the right place to meet similarly technically minded people.

Furthermore, the district of Hünfelden has outdoor swimming pools in Kirberg and Dauborn. Information about opening times of both pools is available at the local citizens' office. The Kirberg branch of the DLRG (German Lifeguard Association) offers swimming courses by appointment (contact: 06438/838-29;

The Fire Brigade and the Red Cross are active voluntary organisation working for the good of the community. We will support any refugee or asylum seeker who is interested in looking for suitable recreational activities and help them get in touch with the respective club.

All Hünfeldener clubs are able to answer any questions, for example about insurance or admission and membership to a club. Up to now, refugees have been active in football, athletics and volleyball at the TUS Kirberg.

The participation of asylum seekers in swimming courses and DLRG water polo tournaments are further positive examples. It's not just empty words, to say that sport can bring people together! With an emphasis on mutual respect, these activities can be seen as a role model for integration.  

In order to optimize the local sport- and fitness programmes, Mr. Werner Schmidt of Heringen has completed a quailified training to become a certified, honorary sport coach. In this position he will be acting as the official contact person for all local sports clubs, refugees and the Municipal Administration Hünfelden.

Football pitch "Weiherfloß"

Sports ground (football and athletics)

Sportshall (Volleyball)

Open air pool Kirberg

Open air pool Dauborn

Contact: Manfred Reusch