Information for integration volunteers

Commited citizens are offering their support to our community in the most diverse areas of life.

Our work group is open for all volunteers, representatives of our commune, the county, the churches and clubs that would like to contribute to the support and integration of the refugees living in Huenfelden.


  • Regular meetings every six weeks
  • Exchange of information
  • Identification of where assistance is necessary
  • Coordination of the various support groups
  • Creation of opportunities for personal encounter


  • Citizens who want to help the refugees according to their abilities
  • Representatives of the evangelic and catholic churches and the German Red Cross
  • Employees and the mayoress of the commune Huenfelden and of the social welfare office from the district of Limburg-Weilburg



AK Integration

Next meeting:

Tuesday, 17th of April, 7.30 pm
(Townhall Kirberg)

Contact & information:

Silvia Scheu-Menzer