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Once the refugees and asylum seekers first arrive or when they transfer from a communal accomodation to a private living accomodation they experience many difficulties.

•   How do I find a suitable and affordable place to stay in and around Hünfelden?

•   How do I find furnishings for a flat that is possibly empty?

•   Where can I find some work experience (through a practical job placement scheme, a traineeship or as an unskilled employee?)

Many citizens of Huenfelden have already offered their help or have donated items, money and clothes. Thank you so much!

Since it is very costly to furnish, maintain and structure a warehouse for commoditiy contributions, in the past we have had good experience with acting as a intermediary for specific demand-based enquiries.&nbs

  • If specific items or help are/is needed, we look for corresponding suppliers (via bulletin or on the Internet)
  • The contact person for the distribution or donation of clothes is Inge Kügler from the local association Huenfelden from the German Red Cross. A regular distribution takes place at the monthly meetings for „time for social interaction“ at the catholic parish center in Kirberg.
  • Currently, the supply for living space for communal accomondations and internships or employment opportunities is very important. We gladly will forward applicable offers to the proper authoritiy.